SC: Software Composition Seminar


This is a seminar for Masters students in the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science as well as Bachelors, Masters and PhD students completing their project work or thesis in the Software Composition Group. Scheduled talks generally cover recent progress in project work or research. The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 10h15 in room 107, Schützenmattstrasse 14).

Learning Outcomes

The seminar consists of a project and a presentation. You will have as a mentor one of the members of the SCG group and will work on a practical and focused problem in the domain of programming languages and programer productivity tools.

Seminar students will work on a small, supervised project during the semester. Due to the high cost of supervision, participation is strictly limited (selection will be based on the results of a short quiz).

After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build an Eclipse plugin for static analysis, or
  • Write a crawler that analyzes open source software repositories, or
  • Create a new method of visualizing software systems, or
  • Work on the design and implementation of programming language tools

Scheduled Talks


  • (no scheduled talks)

Talks already given in 2014

  • Sept 23 - Pascal Zaugg - Cognitive Diffusion app
  • Sept 16 - Seminar projects overview and Quiz for seminar students
  • Sept 9 - Dennis Schenk - Quicksilver — A Framework for Hierarchical Data Analysis (Masters Thesis Presentation)
  • Sep 2 - Jan Kurš Bounded Seas
  • Aug 19 - Leonel Merino Explora: a tool for corpus analysis and visualisations
  • Aug 12 - Andrea Caracciolo - How Do Software Architects Specify and Validate QRs?
  • Jul 15 - Jan Kurs - Parsing Contexts
  • Jul 08 - Joel Guggisberg - Token Classification
  • Jul 01
  • Jun 03 - Cédric Reginster - Frequently used methods for Java
  • May 27 - Pattamon Thamsukati - Weka Experiment in Bug Prediction
  • May 20 - Dominic Sina - Eclipse plugin for cycles detection
  • May 13 - Kenneth Radunz - Dicto autocompleting editor, Michael Bärtschi - Polite Smalltalk
  • May 6 - Roger Stebler - Keeping track of types
  • Apr 29 - Nevena Milojković: k-CFA analysis
  • Apr 15 - Mircea F. Lungu: Pangea 2.0 demo
  • Apr 8 - Oscar Nierstrasz: M3 for Moose
  • Apr 1 - Mircea F. Lungu: "Sampling N-EU SE Research"
  • Mar 18 - Stephan Adelsberger (U Vienna): "Towards Object Migration in Dynamic Software Product Lines"
  • Mar 11 - Cedric Reichenbach: Morphing DoodleDebug into a cluster (outlook on MTh)
  • Mar 4 - Moose Dojo
  • Feb 11 - Simon Vogt: Clone detection that scales
  • Jan 7 - Aaron Karper: Parse trees of regular expressions with minimal performance impact

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