SC: Software Composition Seminar


This is a seminar for Masters students in the Swiss Joint Master of Science in Computer Science as well as Bachelors, Masters and PhD students completing their project work or thesis in the Software Composition Group. Scheduled talks generally cover recent progress in project work or research. The seminar normally takes place on Tuesdays at 10h15 in room 107, Schützenmattstrasse 14).

Learning Outcomes

The seminar consists of a project and a presentation. You will have as a mentor one of the members of the SCG and will work on a practical and focused problem in the domain of programming languages and programmer productivity tools.

Seminar students will work on a small, supervised project during the semester. Due to the high cost of supervision, participation is strictly limited (selection will be based on the results of a short quiz).

After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Build an Eclipse plugin for static analysis, or
  • Write a crawler that analyzes open source software repositories, or
  • Create a new method of visualizing software systems, or
  • Work on the design and implementation of programming language tools

To prepare your presentation, please consult this checklist.

Scheduled Presentations


  • Jan 22 — NO MEETING (NB: CUSO Winter School)
  • Jan 29 — Mario Hess — Pervasive Visualization in AR for Software Monitoring (Bachelors, final presentation)
  • Feb 5 — Manuela Eschler — Search interface implementation for a Learning Management System (Bachelors)
  • Feb 12 — TBA
  • Feb 19 — MSc seminar topic presentations and obligatory quiz.
  • Feb 26 — Artthik Sellathurai — Visual scenario builder in Pharo

Presentations already given in 2019

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