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These pages consist of an archive of the SCG FAMOOS pages. The project formally ended in August 2000. The final result of the project is the FAMOOS Reengineering Handbook. This material has been completely revised, extended and rewritten in the form of a book entitled Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns.

Last updated: 05 March 2002


Last revision: October, 15th 1999

SCG / FAMOOS / Handbook

This page provides pointers to the most recent release of the FAMOOS handbook. The handbook is one of the major results of the FAMOOS project, describing how to reengineer object-oriented legacy systems. The handbook mainly consists of reengineering patterns but also contains (a) an overview of the various tools that resulted from the project; (b) a description of techniques that may be helpfull (i.e.metrics, visualisation).

Handbook Release October 16th 1999

The final release
As released to the general public
[PDF (+- 2.2 Mb) | Compressed postcript (+- 3.8 MB) ]

Hypertext Release October 16th 1999

The final hypertext release
A part of what's released to the general public but now including various kinds of hypertext links. Not all the chapters are included and some pictures are screwed up, but still gives a good impression of how we would like the on-line version to be.
[PDF (+- 1.6 Mb) ]

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