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These pages consist of an archive of the SCG FAMOOS pages. The project formally ended in August 2000. The final result of the project is the FAMOOS Reengineering Handbook. This material has been completely revised, extended and rewritten in the form of a book entitled Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns.

Last updated: 05 March 2002

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SCG / FAMOOS / Reengineering Patterns

This document collects a number of reengineering patterns explaining you possible approaches for reengineering (or reverse engineering) object-oriented legacy systems. 
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Current Status

The current patterns are all canditate reengineering patterns. This means that they need further iterations and to become full-blown reengineering patterns. Some of them have been workshopped at EuroPLOP'98, EuroPLOP'99 or will be at EuroPLOP'00 but we are actively looking for other places to obtain feedback, that's why we make everything available on the web.

A Pattern Language for Reverse Engineering
This is an (incomplete) pattern language explaining you how to reverse engineer an object-oriented legacy system, going from the first contact you have with the system (i.e., Read All the Code in One Hour), up untill you are preparing to actually reengineer the system (i.e., Write the Tests).
Transfrom Conditionals (previously: Type Check Elimination)
These two patterns tell you how you might eliminate type-checks by exploiting polymorphic features in OO languages.
Other Reengineering Patterns
"Tie Code and Questions", a pattern that sits somewhere in between reverse engineering and reengineering
Some other reengineering patterns, among others dealing with Code Duplication and Improving Flexibility.

The Book: Object-Oriented Reengineering: A Pattern-based Approach

We are writing a book 'Object-Oriented Reengineering: A Pattern-based Approach' and it is expected to appear at OOPSLA 2001. if you are interested to be a reviewer just contact use Serge Demeyer Stephane Ducasse and Oscar Nierstrasz

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