Suite 2009

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As software development is a process of both information creation and information gathering, software developers are constantly searching for the right information and person to solve their problems at hand. This workshop will focus specifically on exploring the notion of search as a fundamental activity during software development. The goal of the workshop is to bring researchers and practitioners with special interest on search technology for software developers together. Participants will have broad range of expertise in topics ranging from building software tools and infrastructure, information retrieval, user studies and HCI, benchmarking and evaluation.

We intend the workshop to facilitate interested researchers that share their ideas and experience in understanding: search need and search behavior of developers, how to building tools that address these various needs, and scientific ways to evaluate these tools.

Intended Audience

The workshop is intended for:

Each participant is requested to submit a position paper in advance and each participant is requested to read all the submitted material, so that the workshop itself can be devoted to discussion instead of presentations. Submissions will be made electronically to facilitate the rapid exchange of information.

The upper limit for the number of participants is 25 and the participants will be selected on the basis of the submitted contribution.

We actively seek a format which emphasizes fruitful interactions and discussions. This involves brief (5 minute) presentations of position papers; break-up sessions in discussion groups, and plenary meetings to discuss results. We ask that participants present and summarize someone else's position paper, which has proven to be a very pleasant way to stimulate discussion.

Co-located with ICSE 2009

Vancouver, Canada, May 16, 2009.