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The SUITE workshop series focuses on exploring search as a fundamental activity during software development. The first edition of SUITE was held at ICSE 2009 in Vancouver. SUITE 2010, like its predecessor, will devote attention to various research topics pertaining to the information needs of software developers. This year in SUITE 2010, we plan to emphasize open issues identified in SUITE 2009. We also aim to continue building an active network of people interested in the research area that SUITE addresses.

Two primary observations encouraged us to start this workshop series: (i) results from existing research that show that developers spend the majority of their time in searching for code, and have to struggle with myriad of information needs in their daily tasks that range from those related to code (writing, changing, fixing, communicating code) to process (design) and people (colleagues) and (ii) recent efforts from academia and industry in supporting software engineers with specialized tools for code search [some references]. We take these research results as motivation and set the general theme of our workshop to be understanding and fulfilling various information needs of software developers. The goal of the workshop is to identify the search-driven nature of software development as a key research topic. Given the growing interest in several relevant work in this area in the software engineering community we believe our workshop is highly relevant to researchers in the field and will attract (and aims to foster) a community of researchers who are interested in this topic.

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