Intelligent eBook Reader for Android and/or iOS


Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is always difficult and often boring, since one must study textbooks that are completely uninteresting and always talk about Maria who is a babysitter in Germany, postillons struck by lightning, or hovercrafts full of eels. Moreover, the learner's progress is often invisible, so it is hard to keep motivated.

Some recent advances in Second Language Acquisition, such as the excellent Duolingo app are making progress in the right direction, but there is still much to be done.

Our research which aims to revolutionize the way people enrich their vocabulary when learning a new language is code-named Zeeguu. It is an infrastrucutre that allows learners to read any content they want while learning a new language. As they read various texts that are interesting for them and while they search for words that they do not understand the system builds a model of their knowledge in an online profile.

Based on this online profile the system can recommend new texts, as well as generate personalised exercises. And provide the user with feedback regarding his progress.


Zeeguu already has a Chrome plugin which intercepts the users reading web pages and enriches their personal profile via an online API. A complementary and very valuable component is still missing: an intelligent ebook reader.

In this project you will build an eBook reader that can integrate in the Zeeguu ecosystem of software. There are two main requirements for the reader: (1) it should be seriously cool and (2) it should interface with the existing Zeeguu API and log all the searchers to the central user profile repository.

We need readers for both the Android and the iOS operating systems so you can choose your platform.

What you will learn and practice


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Contact: Mircea F. Lungu