Visualize Java objects in a simple and powerful way.

DoodleDebug is a graphical drop-in replacement for System.out.println(). With the Eclipse plugin, it smoothly integrates into the IDE and replaces the Console. And your output is inspectable! Even after your program stopped running, you can click on the doodles to inspect them!

If nothing else, Doo.dle() is nicer to type than System.out.println().

Demo Video

Built-in Renderings

DoodleDebug-screenshot-maps_minimal DoodleDebug comes with a number of beautiful renderings for commonly usesd Java data types. They allow a quick start without the need of customization and cover most everyday situations in software deveopment. We render Collections and Maps, several Image types, Throwables, tables (nested arrays) and matrices.

Ultra-short Tutorial


An extended tutorial can be found by downloading and installing DoodleDebug (as an eclipse plugin).


From update site


Niko Schwarz. DoodleDebug, Objects Should Sketch Themselves For Code Understanding
Cedric Reichenbach (Bachelor's Thesis). DoodleDebug - A shot-gun marriage between System.out.println and object inspectors
Cedric Reichenbach (Master's Thesis). DoodleDebug, Clustered - Morphing DoodleDebug into a clustered setup using fat clients

Source Code

DoodleDebug on GitHub
DoodleDebug source (version 1.0.1, zip)


Cedric Reichenbach
Niko Schwarz