The Software Composition Group conducts research into tools, techniques and methods for constructing flexible software systems from components.

Currently funded projects and research collaborations

Current research activities

  • Big Software Data — analyzing software at the largest scale
  • Architectural Monitoring — improve the specification and verification of architectural constraints
  • Parsing Technology
  • Moldable Development Tools
  • DoodleDebug — simply visualizing Java objects
  • Moose — A platform for software and data analysis
  • Softwarenaut — a visual, interactive architecture recovery tool
  • Pangea — infrastructure for statically analysing software corpora.
  • Freq — An augmentation of method seeking tools for faster method seeking
  • EATI — Ecosystem Aware Type Inference prototype implementation for Pharo smalltalk
  • Zeeguu - Ubiquitious Second Language Acquisition
  • Explora — a visualisation tool for the analysis of multiple metrics of software corpora
  • CommunityExplorer — a visualisation framework for the analysis of collaboration networks
  • MetaVis — an explorer of actionable visualisation
  • MediaVis — on the impact of the medium in the effectiveness of software visualizations
  • CityVR — gameful software visualization
  • Software Visualization Evaluation — a systematic literature review on the evaluation of software visualization

Completed research activities

  • ByteSurgeon — Runtime bytecode transformation for smalltalk
  • Bifröst — Unifies the base-level and the meta-level
  • Changeboxes — Modeling change as a first-class entity
  • Classboxes — A minimal module model supporting local rebinding
  • Contexts — Temporal, active and structural variability with context objects
  • Helvetia — Context specific language integration
    • Language Boxes — Bending Syntax and Semantics of the Host Language
    • PetitParser — Practical Dynamic Grammars for Dynamic Languages
  • Hermion — Enhanced IDE for Smalltalk
  • JExample — Unit tests should depend on each other
  • Object Flow — Tracking the flow of objects at runtime
  • Pharogenesis — Building the version history in Pharo and Squeak
  • Piccola — a small composition language
  • Pinocchio — An open system for language experimentation
  • Reflectivity — Sub-method reflection for Smalltalk
  • SCodeBubbles — exploring CodeBubbles for Smalltalk
  • Senseo — Integrating dynamic metrics in Eclipse
  • Software Cartography — Your roadmap to software!
  • Subjectopia — A unified subjectivity model
  • TextLint — Natural Language Checking
  • Traits — Composable units of behavior

Completed research projects

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